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About Us

Through a direct partnership with the Yamasaki family at the Toyosu Fish Market and Martinez Produce and Seafood, The Omakase Room at Sushi-san receives daily deliveries of the best ingredients in the world, with a focus on wild line-caught fish.

From the design of the space and playlist, to the interactions between our master chefs and each guest, our intention is to break down the formality that usually accompanies the omakase style of dining. Our menu and service pay homage to the spirit of Japanese omakase without being bound by its tradition.

Our Fish

The exceptional seafood served in The Omakase Room is rooted in a decades-long friendship between Chef Kaze Chan and Ted Martinez of Martinez Produce and Seafood. After meeting in the late nineties, Kaze and Ted’s friendship evolved and deepened as Kaze began to shape Chicago’s sushi culture, while Ted forged and strengthened his sourcing relationships with markets in Japan.

Today, that partnership is stronger than ever. Chef Kaze and Ted continue to work together to source and serve fresh seafood from markets in Fukuoka and Tokyo, Japan in The Omakase Room. The dedication to quality extends from our kitchen to the Japanese markets, ensuring that we receive the best and most exclusive catches.

Our Rice

Here at The Omakase Room, we use an exclusive and proprietary sushi rice blend. This unique blend of rice is sourced from five different prefectures in Japan – Hokkaido, Yamagata, Fukui, Nagano, and Miyazaki. A rice grain’s water absorption is inconsistent depending on its growing location in Japan, and is affected by weather patterns and harvest timelines as well. Our intentional selection allows Chef Kaze to ensure there is consistent moisture absorption, and that each grain of rice has a ‘little bounce’ in your mouth while still being soft, providing a unique flavor to complement each bite.

Our Wasabi

At the base of majestic Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture, growers have refined the art of wasabi cultivation for nearly five centuries, transforming a once-wild plant into something precious while catering to its many conditions: north-facing orientation; indirect sunlight; cold, flowing water; and a climate with temperate winters and hot summers. Even if every need is met, it can still be years before a plant is large enough to harvest, contributing to its status as one of the world’s most expensive vegetables. Despite receiving fresh wasabi weekly, in The Omakase Room we waste very little of this green treasure. With a skillful hand, chef Kaze grinds the root on a traditional oroshiki shark skin paddle before adorning his nigiri pieces with a touch of fresh wasabi. Once the root is gone, the remaining stem is finely chopped, marinated, and turned in to homemade kizami wasabi destined for use in our sashimi course.

Our Restaurant Design

As a testament to our commitment, we are honored to have received the 2024 Jean Banchet Award for Best Restaurant Design.

From the overall design to the carefully curated playlist and the dynamic interactions between our master chefs and each guest, our intention is to break down the formality often associated with omakase-style dining. The sushi bar is equipped with raised Japanese Hinoki cutting boards, providing unobstructed views that bring guests to eye level with the team of Master Sushi Chefs. This setup allows you to witness every action, fostering interaction with our skilled chefs. In pursuit of delivering a distinctive experience for our guests, we proudly collaborate with local artists to create one-of-a-kind service pieces that add an extra layer of artistry to your dining experience.

Noteworthy contributors include:
Danielle Chutinthranond | Monsoon Pottery
Aron Fischer | Facture Goods
Hudson Luthringshausen |
Jeff Holmes | Benchmarc Stone